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temperature sensors


An RTD capitalizes on the fact that the electrical resistance of a material changes as its temperature changes. Most RTDs use a thin film of a conductor (platinum, nickel iron or copper) deposited on a ceramic substrate. However, some special applications require the older method of wrapping a length of thin conductor around an insulator. RTD's are stable and have a fairly wide temperature range, and in many cases are similarly priced to thermocouples. Because they must be isolated from the environment, they are less responsive to changes compared to grounded or exposed junction thermocouples. Since they require an electric current source to make measurements, RTD's can be subject to small inaccuracies from self-heating. RTD's can be used to measure temperatures from -200° to 800° C

We Supply various RTD's Pt-100, Pt-50, Pt-200, Pt-1000 for fast response, high accuracy in various applications in different industries with various type of sheath material SS304, SS316, etc. The above assemblies can be provided with isolated or non isolated junction and termination with spring loaded block and Weather proof or Flame proof Head..

Types of RTD's:

  • RTD for Acids & Alkalis
  • RTD for Plastic
  • Mineral Insulated RTD
  • RTD for Autoclave
  • Transducer Bayonet
  • Transducer PTFE Coated
  • Ring Type RTD